Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
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Legal Services

Functions of the legal section

  1. Legal activities connected with the obtaining of identity cards
  2. Issuing of confirmation letters on the identity cards issued by the Department.
  3. Resolving legal issues on the identity cards issued

1. Legal activities connected with the obtaining of identity cards

When the application and the documents submitted to the Department for identity cards and the information therein are not credible, such applications are referred to the Legal Division of the Department. Main issues are as follows.

  1. The birth certificate presented with the application is observed as forged
  2. The identity cards submitted for amendments is not the very last identity card issued in the name of the applicant.
  3. Submitting application as a first-timer when an identity card has been already issued to the applicant.
  4. Some information given in the application do not tally with the departmental records.
  5. Submitting applications with forged documents or false information. - The application is retained in the Division at such occasions and the applicant is informed by a letter to the address of the applicant to show cause.
    If the declaration of the applicant is acceptable the application is sent to the relevant Division for action. If the declaration is not acceptable it is referred to Police Department for suitable actions.
  6. Submitting the identity cards after making changes and defacing
  7. Obtaining several identity cards after submitting false information.
  8. Obstructing eligible persons to obtain identity cards



2. Issuing of confirmation letter on the identity cards issued by the Department.

When the authenticity of the identity card is needed to be established some institutions with the consent of the applicant, directly or through the applicant, make queries from the Department. Followings are such instances.

  1. One and the same person giving two identity card numbers at two occasions.
  2. Two persons having one and the same identity card number.
  3. Providing reports for institutions of national security.
  4. Providing certificates for legal matters
  5. Providing reports required by foreign missions
  6. Confirming of personal particulars for police security clearance.


Documents required for confirmation of information in identity cards

  1. Identity cards issued in the year 1972 and 1973 are now cancelled and therefore only identity cards issued after that are valid. If such identity cards are damaged, defaced or not clear, a duplicate should be obtained for confirmation of information.
  2. If the information on identity cards given do not tally with departmental records or if the information is not available in the departmental records, the original birth certificate, the passport, driving license, bank account books, EPF documents etc. to prove that the identity card had been used, could be submitted when required.