Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
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One Day Service

One day service commenced on 01.09.2003 with a view to providing an efficient service at your urgent needs. In order to obtain an identity card as a first-timer or obtain a duplicate identity card you have to submit an application in the form පු.ලි.දෙ/වි/ 1.7.8 certified by the Grama Niladhari and countersigned by the Divisional Secretary, for school children the form certified by the Principal of the school and for estate residents, the form certified by the Superintendent of the Estate.

An administrative charge of Rs. 1000.00 is levied for this service. Applications are accepted between 8.00 am and 12.00 ​noon from Monday through Friday (Working days). Identity cards are issued till about 4.15 pm. In order to provide this service efficiently the one day service was located on 02.04.2013 in an air-conditioned building in the Department premises. Through this service about 1000 identity Cards are being issued per day. If the application is submitted as early as possible in the morning you will be able to obtain the identity card early.

It is compulsory that the applicant personally hands over the application for one day service. But in the case of special needs persons (with physical/ mental disabilities/ aged) the identity card can be handed over to the mother, father, spouse, siblings or legal caretaker provided the fact of disability is supported by a letter from Grama Nildhari or Divisional Secretariat.

N.B: Your identity card will get delayed due to the ineligibility of the application, un-clearness of information given in the application, incompatibility of the information with departmental records or the need for investigation in order to get the accuracy of information in the application testified. It is therefore, necessary that the applications are correctly filled and submitted.