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According to the amended regulations approved by Parliament on 10.02.2016 with regard to the implementation of provisions in Registration of Persons Act No. 32 of 1968, Photographs for the National Identity Card should be used in accordance with the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Accordingly, registration of studios in Sri Lanka is initiated by the Department for Registration of Persons (DRP) to capture photographs of citizens as per the ICAO standards.  The registration should be done as per the below-given guidelines.

General Terms

  • All Registered studio owners should renew their registration by filling the new application. No fee will be charged in this regard.
  • The renewal period will be one (01) year (365 days) from the Date of Training for the new ICAO Studio Software. After the period, the registration will be expired and cancelled automatically by the software with a notification. Thereafter, the registration should be renewed for twenty four (24) months.
  • The registration shall be renewed once in every 24 months. The renewal charge of the renewed Registration Certificate is Rs. 2000.00.
  • It is mandatory to a Studio owner to provide an active email address.
  • Minimum qualifications required for a studio has been attached herewith, and it can be referred when filling the application.
  • The certified copies of relevant documents and the duly completed application form should be submitted at the training session.
  • Photocopy of the duly completed application must be kept for reference purposes.
  • The data filled for the registration will be incorporated to the ICAO Software and could be updated online by you. Instructions in this regard will be provided in due course.

The new application is as follows.

  Application   Minimum requirement List