Identity Card, the Trusted Personal Identity
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Mobile Service

Mobile services are conducted by the Department for the national development of the country with the objective of providing a service to the public by executing the identity cards issuing process efficiently.


Function of a mobile service

Identity cards are currently issued only at the head office of the department in Colombo. Mobile service is therefore, conducted to provide service to the people living in distant areas. At the mobile service, applications of qualified persons are accepted and Grama Niladhari, Divisional Secretariat and the Department meet and ensure that the applications are accepted without any shortcoming. Identity cards are prepared for these applications in a very short period and sent to the applicants.
Mainly services are conducted in the following manners

  • Mobile services conducted with the co-ordination with the Divisional Secretariat
  • Mobile services conducted at the request of government institutions or NGOs for the benefit of persons serving such institutions.


  • Effectively induce persons who have not obtained identity cards so far.
  • Educate persons who have failed to obtain identity cards due to defaults in their applications, make them to submit minimum documents necessary and issue identity cards.
Mobile services are conducted to provide easy access to the public to obtain identity cards. It is an opportunity for the officers of the Department of Registration of Persons, Divisional Secretariat, Grama Niladari, Additional District Registrar, Justice of the Peace, Police officers and officers of the Postal Department to meet at one place, resolve issues related to identity cards and submit applications for identity cards under one roof. If a mobile service is required, the approval of the Commissioner General needs to be obtained through  a written request. Further information could be obtained from the Assistant Commissioner (Operations), Contact number 011 255561